Hastings Hypnotherapy


"The hypnoband session is the only time that I have ever truly lost weight, even though I have tried virtually every diet known to man. Thank you so much for all your help and support. I will definitely be recommending you to family and friends."

-- E.H. (Hypnoband weight loss)

"Accepting that I could change my behaviour was the first positive step I have taken to addressing this lack of confidence that seemed to be my destiny. Thanks to you, I now feel more positive about everything in my life and know that if I want something then I must go after it. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who is lacking in confidence."

-- T.W (Boosting Your Self-Confidence)

"Being so thin has always been a major influence in avoiding social situations. Now thanks to your help and lots and lots of reassurance, I am able to socialise without feeling that everyone is staring at me."

-- S.S (Weight Gain Programme)

"I have tried to quit smoking so many times and each attempt resulted in failure, that was until I had hypnotherapy. Thanks to you I am now a healthier, happier, ex-smoker."

-- N.C (Smoking Cessation)

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