Hastings Hypnotherapy


“Learning to accept that she was gone forever was possibly the most difficult and challenging situation I have ever faced. But with the help of hypnotherapy I am now able to remember all the good things about our lives together and accept that it is now time to move forward. Thank You for your kind, caring and patient ways.”

– – M.C (Letting Go of a Loved One)

“Practising the coping techniques you showed me means that I can now deal with difficult situations in a calm, controlled manner.”

– – M.M (Reducing Your Daily Stressors)

“I cannot believe that I was so worried about having hypnotherapy. It was a wonderful, relaxing procedure and I now have more confidence and positivity than I ever thought possible. Everyone is commenting on the glowing, proud, physical and emotional new me.”

– – B.W (Letting Go of a Loved One)

“As a professional working in an extremely challenging environment, I found the coping strategies and techniques that you gave me, possibly the most effective approaches I have ever been taught. Thank you very much, I can honestly say that I think coming to see you has saved me from some serious health issues.”

– – W.M (Coping Strategies for Professionals)

“I passed my driving test yesterday and I feel on top of the world. Thank you for helping me believe in myself. Next session ‘Overcoming my fear of flying, haha.”

– – G.D (Exam and Tests Approaches)

“Dealing with the traumatic news that I had cancer was bad enough but the pressure that has been placed on my family and friends had left me with an enormous amount of guilt. Thanks to you I now know how to manage those feelings and turn them into positive energy. I am so grateful to you for everything you have done for myself and my family all.”

– – K.C (Cancer Care for All)